terça-feira, 24 de novembro de 2009

How to Have A Fun Workspace Dash

"Have you been needing to clean your workspace but can’t work through the resistance? This post is for you.

Implementing the ideas from this post will probably take you about 30 minutes (including reading this post), but it’ll be time well-spent. (...) Let’s jump right in.

A dash is a quick segment of time where you focus on just getting movement. This term was made popular by Merlin Mann, so read Kick Procrastination’s Ass later if you’d like to learn more. The key word in that last sentence was later – you don’t need to know more right now to get it.

We’re doing a workspace dash (...). Instead of beating yourself up about your piles and mess being there, ask what difference you’d like to see in your workspace. What does a more organized and peaceful workspace look like to you? What can you do to make your workspace get closer to what you’d like to look like? Take a couple of minutes or so to write down a few things you can do to get to your desired endstate.

(...)Head over to Pandora and sign up – it’s free. Pandora is a free internet radio station that will play music of similar characteristics to any group you tell it to. When you get your account, type in “Black Eyed Peas.” You’re going to be dancing. Trust me on this.(...)

Now, set a timer for 20 minutes. Pull up the list you created above, put your office chair in a place where you won’t trip over it, and start dancing and working through your list. Smile, let the beat guide you, and work until you’re through your twenty minutes. Dance like no one’s looking.

When your work becomes fun, you won’t see it as work. When you don’t see it as work, you won’t resist it. Without so much resistance, you can do great things with less effort."

Charlie, Productive flourishing

São 5 da manhã. Só depois de me entediar de trabalho é que encontro isto.

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Rita disse...

Muito booooom!!!

Anónimo disse...

Yap, é verdade. De facto, era isto que eu ia escrever no outro dia mas acabei por me esquecer com a quantidade de trabalho que há para fazer. :p

Se gosto do que estou a fazer, não estou a trabalhar. Se não gosto, estou a trabalhar (e contrariado, diga-se de passagem) :p